Swiss Cheer Team Invited to Perform at 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang ?>

Swiss Cheer Team Invited to Perform at 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

CCVS is proud to announce that the Coed Cheer Team Senior Eclipse from Lausanne Angels Cheerleaders will attend and perform during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea in support of the Swiss Olympic Teams and Athletes. They are participating in the Global Cheerleading Supporters initiative led by the Korean Cheerleading Association, supporting athletes and raising awareness for our sport. CCVS has been invited to designate a top Swiss Coed Team to perform and support Switzerland during the 2018 Winter…

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Eurodancers in the Netherlands at the Performance Cheer Doubles Championship ?>

Eurodancers in the Netherlands at the Performance Cheer Doubles Championship

Eurodancers win ! Our team successfully returns from the first place in the Team Performance Cheer SONEO Championship as well as third place in hiphop double and two top 10 placings in the Performance Cheer Double category. The SONEO championship and the Perfomance Cheer Double European Championship took place last weekend in Steenwyk the Netherlands. The Eurodancers joined the participants with a small team of 8 dancers. Again, the Eurodancers can count themselves to one of the leading dance teams in…

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All Girl National Team & General Assembly & Dates ?>

All Girl National Team & General Assembly & Dates

Dear coaches, After this well-deserved summer break, we are looking forward to the next cheer season! Here are two very important documents for the upcoming season: First, it is the information and registration for the Cheerleading All Girl National Team 2018. If you are interested or have athletes that are, read the document carefully! Second, here is the invitation for the General Assembly of the CCVS in Bern. All necessary information is there. And as always, if you have any question, don’t hesitate to…

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Spirit Fever Open 2017 ?>

Spirit Fever Open 2017

On March 25th 2017, the Spirit Fever Open, took place for the 5th time in Morges VD, Switzerland. Apart from teams from all over Switzerland, teams from Germany and France made the long journey all the way to Morges, VD to compete at the Spirit Fever Open Championship. Over 15 cheerleading teams performed their routines on that Saturday. The first place in both main categories, Senior Allgirl Cheer and Senior Coed Cheer, went to Germany with United Cheer Berlin and…

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Cheerleading Worlds 2016: Swiss National Teams in Orlando ?>

Cheerleading Worlds 2016: Swiss National Teams in Orlando

Just like every year, the Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida became the Cheerleading and Cheerdance sports capital in the end of April. It was time again for the World Championship and a strong Swiss delegation was present as well. First, it was crunch time for the national teams in all the dance divisions. Our Swiss ladies from the Eurodancers participated in the HipHop- and the Pom Double category, in which it was up to teams of two to fascinate…

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General Assembly 2016 ?>

General Assembly 2016

The General Assembly of the CCVS was held Sunday January 24th 2016. Two members of the CCVS Board are now retired: Roger & Stefan. We welcome Nathalie Miller in the CCVS Board! Here is the new board: President: Joëlle Krummenacher Vice-president: Claudia Bartolini Secretary: Nathalie Rutz   Championships: Cristina Hengartner, TVL Capital Hornets Rules, Education: Claudia Bartolini, FCSG Green Lightning Cheerdance and Secretary: Nathalie Rutz, Eurodancers Licences: Kashi Rossier, Geneva Rising Stars Sponsoring: Alexander Riekeles, Gladiators Pearls Finance: Joëlle and…

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Swiss Championship 2014 ?>

Swiss Championship 2014

SENIOR ALLGIRL CHEER FCSG Green Lightning Cheerleader 7.60 Blue Fire Renegades Cheerleader 6.35 Calanda Broncos Cheerleader 5.83 SENIOR COED GROUPSTUNT Black Diamonds 7.64 Fighting Spirits 7.23 Freaky Hornets 5.98 No Limit 5.77 LUC Red Comets 5.11 Wildcats Galaxy 5.02 SENIOR COED CHEER TVL Capital Hornets 7.37 Geneva Rising Stars 6.61 FCSG Green Thunder 6.39 Odyssey Cheerleader 6.13 L.U.C. AF-Cheerleader 5.75 Luzern Wildcats Infinity 5.27 JUNIOR ALLGIRL GROUPSTUNT FCSG Green Sparkle Cheerleader 7.89 Infini Cheer 7.30 Power Cheer 6.93 Red Nuggets…

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Swiss Championship 2011 ?>

Swiss Championship 2011

Senior Allgirl Cheer FCSG Green Lightning Cheerleader – 6.38 TVL Capital Hornets – 5.93 Winterthur Warriors – 5.76 Flying Jets – 4.18 Geneva Rising Stars – 3.10 L.U.C. Cheerleader – 2.82 Lausanne Angels – 2.54 Bluefire Cheerleader – 2.01 White Wings – 1.41 Senior Allgirl Dance Eurodancers – 7.96 Geneva Wild Eagles – 5.46 Bluefire Dance Team – 3.84 Geneva Rising Stars – 3.68 SCB Grand Casino Cheerleader – 3.34 Junior Allgirl Cheer FCSG Green Sparkle Cheerleader – 5.00 Winterthur…

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