Cheerleading Worlds 2016: Swiss National Teams in Orlando

Cheerleading Worlds 2016: Swiss National Teams in Orlando

Just like every year, the Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida became the Cheerleading and Cheerdance sports capital in the end of April. It was time again for the World Championship and a strong Swiss delegation was present as well.

First, it was crunch time for the national teams in all the dance divisions. Our Swiss ladies from the Eurodancers participated in the HipHop- and the Pom Double category, in which it was up to teams of two to fascinate the audience and the judges. With diverse and high-standard performances they outdid countries like Canada, Italy or the Netherlands. The category winner was Mexico. The ladies from Zurich then did even better in the team categories due to excellent technique when doing jumps, kicks and spins. So they were part of the Top-Five out of all the European squads and officially placed 13th leaving Germany and Poland behind. The gold medal went to the US National Team.

After cheerdance it was the cheerleaders` turn. Also two Swiss teams muscled in and participated in the Senior Elite (AllGirl Level 5) and Coed Premier (Ladies & Gents Level 6) categories. For the Swiss ladies` team that was a true premier. About a year ago, the best female cheerleaders from all over Switzerland were fighting for their spot on the team at a sudorific tryout. Through that process, athletes from FCSG Green Lightnings (St. Galle), the Winterthur Warriors, the TVL Cheerleaders (Berne) and also the Zurich Renegades Cheerleaders were put together to a new unity, as which they not only had to practice individually in their club but also had to go through national team practice camps. But the work was truly worth it. The Swiss ladies ranked 7th. By doing so, on the one hand they reached their two coaches` (Claudia Bartollini & Marion Gämperli) goal and on the other hand scored the best ever since Switzerland`s participation at Cheerleading Worlds.

The already Worlds-proven Capital Hornets (TVL Cheerleaders, Berne) participated in the Coed division. In this highly competitive category, in which the most difficult stunts, pyramids and tumbling skills are being presupposed, the Swiss team placed 12th. Also in this category, the hosts from the States placed first. However, they did so only by hair width over Team Chinese Taipei.

For the hornets from the capital of Switzerland, it went even better at USASF worlds, which took place right after. At this competition it is no longer the nationals teams that compete for international glory but the club teams. Thus, the USASF Worlds can be seen as the Champions League of cheerleading. The Hornets left teams from Puerto Rico, England or Japan behind and tore in the amazing 23rd place. Their category (International Coed Level 6) was won by the Texans from Cheer Athletics` Claw 6.

The results at the ICU as well as at the USASF world championship definitely show that neither the Swiss cheerleaders nor the Swiss cheerdancers have to hide. But first it is time for the Swiss national championship on May 21st in the Wankdorf sports arena, where on the national mat the precious Worlds tickets for 2017 need to be won again.


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