General Assembly 2016

General Assembly 2016

The General Assembly of the CCVS was held Sunday January 24th 2016.

Two members of the CCVS Board are now retired: Roger & Stefan. We welcome Nathalie Miller in the CCVS Board!

Here is the new board:

  • President: Joëlle Krummenacher
  • Vice-president: Claudia Bartolini
  • Secretary: Nathalie Rutz


  • Championships: Cristina Hengartner, TVL Capital Hornets
  • Rules, Education: Claudia Bartolini, FCSG Green Lightning
  • Cheerdance and Secretary: Nathalie Rutz, Eurodancers
  • Licences: Kashi Rossier, Geneva Rising Stars
  • Sponsoring: Alexander Riekeles, Gladiators Pearls
  • Finance: Joëlle and Nathalie
  • Website and IT: Florence Léchot, TVL Capital Hornets
  • PR: Nathalie Miller

Next general assembly will be on Saturday October 22nd 2016.

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