First National Team Skills Day

First National Team Skills Day

The first skills day will take place on the weekend of 26. & 27. January 2019, Saturday will be the day for juniors training and Sunday for seniors training. For this kick-off we will have Anthony Ridgway to support the coaching staff. Ant is coach of the British national team and before that had been coach at Unity Allstars.

On this first Skils Day all cheerleaders are welcome, even if you are not (yet) considering joining the national team.

Since these skills days are in preparation for the allgirl national team the focus will be on all girl techniques, however coed stuntgroups are very welcome and encouraged to join.

We do ask you to sign up for the skills day so we know how many people to expect, the sign-up sheet will follow shortly. The sign up will happen via Google-form, each separate for complete stuntgroups, single participants, tumblers, or athletes who are not planning on joining the national team.

We hope to see many of you there to kick off the journey to worlds 2020!