Competition – Spirit Fever Open

Competition – Broncos Mountain Cup
Skills Day 1 – Senior Athletes

Competition – Spirit Fever Open

23/03/2019 ganztägig
Salle omnisports Collège de Beausobre
Chemin de la Grosse Pierre 1
1110 Morges

Open cheerleading competition in Morges, Switzerland.


Spirit Fever Open 2019 will apply the CCAS (Cheerleading and Cheerdance Association Switzerland) 2018 Rulebook. The CCAS 2018 Rulebook is based on the ECU/ICU rulebook with small changes for example about the ages and about the amount of participating athletes. The Spirit Fever Open Rulebook includes addition concerning the categories that doesn’t exist in the CCAS 2018 Rulebook.


– 35 CHF (35 euros) per athlete/coach. Athletes are allowed to compete in multiple categories, if allowed in the rulebook. 5 chf will be charged for every additional category for each athlete.

– 15 CHF: spectator adult

– 5 CHF: spectator child from 6 to 12 years old